youth unemployment

Being this concept one of the macroeconomic factors that mostly hinder the proper functioning of a society, unemployment has been under the spotlight for centuries. Among its main causes are: inadequate aggregate demand, known as cyclical unemployment, advances in technology and job outsourcing, known as structural unemployment, and issues related to the job search process.

Statistics highlight serious underlying social problems, not only rooted in inadequate experience and skill mismatch of young people, but more worryingly uncovering the possible structural existence of age discrimination.

One of the most effective ways to tackle long term unemployment is to focus on the young. Providing the right tools and skills to this age segment is a sound social investment from many perspectives: mainly that a societies’ youth today will be that same society’s leadership in a generation’s time, thus allowing for long lasting positive social externalities. Also a society where the collective focus shifts to the youth has the potential to be more dynamic and open-minded, more innovative, and be synergetic and complementary to the experience-based assets of older age segments.

The search for an effective contribution is long and difficult. For the time being we have selected the road to emphasize and concentrate on the development of those competences which are most needed and required in our society. Here our project Dare+ “Developing all round education” has marked a way forward for us.