Intercultural Dialogue

True dialogue is always a challenge. It is a journey from oneself into the other. Journeys can change perceptions, bring to fore unwanted levels of uncertainty, open up new realities which question former views, broaden perspectives and give new impulse to the search. 

The rising need to address the challenge of intercultural dialogue, the need of facing it, the timeliness of task and the depth and the breadth it encompasses owing it is currently a necessity in both, personal and professional aspects of our lives, whichever the individual circumstances of our lives.  

This includes all types of dialogue. It is critical to understand the significance of interreligious dialogue in our society where religion has a tremendous impact in millions of people while being meaningless to many others. In fact, the way religion is understood could be a cause for destruction and division or a source of immense generosity, unity and courage to create new ventures for the most vulnerable in our world.

The issue of learning to build together rather than apart is highly committing, but we believe it is crucial that young people see promoting intercultural dialogue and cooperation as a goal towards which they can and should work. This is the essence of our Project “Youth for Dialogue” which gathers youth leaders from four continents.