Covadonga The dreamers and the doers ​

Covadonga, a village between mountains, is the place where  silence and  nature embrace    one as you arrive. The serenity enables you to meditate in the most gentle company of  La Santina.

In 1906, Pedro Poveda was nominated canon for the Basilica of  Covadonga.  Still today we can see the numerous pilgrims that follow the footsteps  of those who were once received by Poveda.  Before  the Santina’s image the WORK  (Teresian Association) was  born.  “Seven years of intense life in that blessed place, gave much of themselves, and everything they gave was around the ideal of my life, which emerged and crystallized under the gaze of La Santina. ”( St. Pedro Poveda)

This was the scenery for a meeting of a group of Poveda- inspired Young Leaders.  From different parts of the world, we gathered in  this magical place to debate the future projects of Youth for Dialogue, an EDIW (Education for an Interdependent World) initiative  and to share the experiences  in  leadership and immersion seminars of two groups of young people during the Summer  of 2019 in India and Cochabamba respectively.

The moments of Dialogue enabled us to share the objectives and future perspectives of the projects in each community.   In Covadonga, the group came up with more ideas and more contributions deepening on topics they have been working on in the last two years : Inclusion, Participation, Democratic Values, Peace amongst Nations, Leadership, Empowerment and Social Responsibility and where  each member was able to share opinions, ideas, plans for the future and give a positive input.

During the prayer moments we could also share the summer experiences in India and Cochabamba. Although not all of us of us had the opportunity to be in these immersion experiences it felt like the group was one in the messages learnt, the gift of belonging to such a multicultural world and  to be part of a wonderful diversity. 

The connections established within the group continue to be a source of positive energy, ideas, strength and above all: HOPE.         

  Sara Cascais Portugal