Citizenship and Participation

This was always understood as a transversal challenge for us. The dimensions of the social problems, their global dimensions, and the lack of sincerity in the search for solutions is a strong source of distress, unhappiness and anxiety. We feel overwhelm by the complexity of the situations and the idea of running to our comfort zone becomes really strong. It is not easy to seek participation but we have discussed this together, together we can see and feel the wonderful things our societies and our times also bring. Together we have commented the work of those who genuinely address the problems, develop opportunities and want to build together an interconnected, with responsible relations and creative interdependence.
One of the reasons why we came together was precisely to feel stronger, to discuss a way forward where we can feel useful to others and capable of facing the challenge of responsible citizenship. The fact of seeing that we are making steps towards our aims, with small projects, confirms the slogan that other world is possible. It is present when we work with associations who invest gratuitously in aspects of society the really feel are necessary such as ecology (one of the challenges we want to include), children´s rights, elderly people… It is also present when we spend parts of our summer in countries of “the South” doing voluntary work, when discussing issues with local or national authorities, study political science or international relations or economics or mathematics and chemistry. It is also present when we write projects for the EU Commission, discuss and simulate UN sessions, write and prepare statements for the Global compact on migration for the sessions of Geneva or New York, or when we succeed in having our voice heard when some of us can get to the sessions.
This challenge is part of all projects we build, it is the essence of why we have got together because we, contrary to what some articles on us say, we do dream, probably differently, but we dream of a different world. We discovered it one day after a long discussion on migration when a video of John Lennon was played: “Imagine”. We even dream with people of several generations back! We enjoy and have our own music and our own dreams but can understand other music and other dreams across geography and time.